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Why Music Videos are Still so Important

May 22, 2019By

Ever since MTV pulled out of the music video genre, people have been doubting the validity of the music video as both a vehicle to drive music sales and as a quality way of advertising songs. It is true that lavish amounts of money are rarely spent on music videos these days, and the quality […]

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The Greatest Rock Videos of All Time

March 29, 2019By

The genre of the music video is best defined by the Rock Music Video, and when MTV first hit our screens it was full of synthesizers and guitars. The early videos were just a collection of bands playing live, but there became a requirement to stand out from the crowd and so many rock bands […]

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The Most Influential Music Videos

January 6, 2019By

The Music Video changed the face of pop music in the 1980’s, until then there was only TV appearances of you favorite pop bands that were often merely miming to the song. But as an art form, the music video elevated pop music onto another platform. MTV is not the force it used to be […]

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The most expensive ever marketing campaigns

June 27, 2018By

Product Placement in music videos is just part of companies’ marketing campaigns that they have each year for selling certain products. The amount of money that these companies commit to this endeavor is massive, so the value of being able to use product placement in videos is great. Once the product placement has been paid […]

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The role of pop music played on adverts

June 10, 2018By

Before product placement was used to promote goods in music videos there had always been a strong relationship between music and advertising. Popular products or services would take out adverts for their offerings and this would be accompanied by famous songs. Coca Cola has spent millions of pounds over the years in its attempts to […]

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The Biggest UK Music Sellers of 2017 and Product Placement

April 23, 2018By

With all of the top modern-day music acts producing music videos looking at the best sellers of 2017 gives a clear insight to how the general public appreciates the modern-day music acts. The most popular performer of 2017 was Ed Sheeran. As well as his album “Divide” being the best-selling album of the year, his […]

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The 1980s and Music Videos

April 14, 2018By

The reason why Product Placement has been so successfully incorporated in music videos is that they have been of such a high quality that the wide scale viewing of them has provided an ideal advertising arena for many companies to exploit. The 1980s is the perfect decade to explore as this was the time that […]

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Music videos and the producers

January 20, 2018By

Music videos have been instrumental in launching the careers of their producers. Spike Jonze the award winning film director started his career producing music videos for the likes of the Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and Fat Boy Slim. In 2013 he won the Golden Globe for his work on the film “Her” plus receiving the […]

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Are brands always happy being featured in Music Videos?

January 15, 2018By

With different brands spending so much of their money on different types of product placement within music videos the question must be why they are so attracted to this industry? Many brands now see music videos as a creditable alternative to traditional sources of advertising. This is especially true when the target audiences are the […]

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The relationship between product placement and song lyrics

January 2, 2018By

In the early days of 1979, Sister Sledge inadvertently kick-started product placement in the song lyrics, with the release of their massive hit single “He’s The Greatest Dancer”. The mention of the “Halston”, “Gucci”, and “Fiorucci” brought the fashion brands into prominence and huge financial rewards. However, it did not happen for a further quarter […]

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