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The relationship between product placement and song lyrics

January 2, 2018By

In the early days of 1979, Sister Sledge inadvertently kick-started product placement in the song lyrics, with the release of their massive hit single “He’s The Greatest Dancer”. The mention of the “Halston”, “Gucci”, and “Fiorucci” brought the fashion brands into prominence and huge financial rewards. However, it did not happen for a further quarter […]

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Artists who have fully exploited product placement

December 18, 2017By

Many artists have striven to earn as much as possible from their music product placement, which has given them the opportunity to squeeze as much revenue as they can from their music videos. Music audiences are becoming more suspicious of musicians who just seemed to be concerned about raising as much money as possible by […]

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Artists who use product placement sparingly

December 5, 2017By

Certain groups and artists have incorporated product placement into their video with a certain amount of subtlety and sensitivity. These artists have realised that product placement has helped raise a capital for producing their videos. They have also tried to do this by incorporating the product into the plot of the video. Case studies Katy […]

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The future of product placement in musical videos

November 22, 2017By

When looking at the future of product placement in musical videos it is important to look at it in the wider context and see how it has continued to develop in other areas. It is still huge in the film industry, on television and even in social media. There isn’t an area where product placement […]

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Brand Case Study 1 – “Beats” by Dre

November 9, 2017By

If ever there was a brand that was tailor-made to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to product placement in music videos, it would be the “Beats”. It produces audio products and is a subsidiary of the “Apple Inc.”. The company was founded in 2008 by Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Dr Dre was heavily […]

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YouTube and Vevo in product placement

October 15, 2017By

Google bought Youtube in 2005 and this started the process of the music video industry leaving the main stream television channels like MTV and going on-line. The American multinational video hosting service Vevo was created in 2009 and is a music video hosting service jointly owned by the Universal Music Group, Sony Music entertainment and […]

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The emergence of MTV and its role in product placement

October 1, 2017By

August 1st 1981 12.01am This was the time that MTV came on to our TV screens with their 24 hour video channel. The first video played on the channel was “Video Killed The Radio Star” by the British band The Buggles. Pre MTV Music videos had been produced long before the creation of MTV. It […]

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The history of product placement before the music video, part 2

September 7, 2017By

The availability of television for product placement to advertise is more useful than film due to one simple reason. Nearly everyone has access to a television. In 2011 it was estimated that 96.7% of homes in the USA totaling 114,200,000 households had access to a television set. In the UK in 2013 the figure was […]

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The history of product placement before the music video, part 1

September 4, 2017By

The creation of MTV in 1981 saw product placement take its place in the financial side of the musical industry from where it has remained to this day. However, product placement is not a new phenomenon in creating financial gain and it can be even traced back to the 19th century when Jules Verne reportedly […]

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The contrasting definitions of Advertising and Product Placement, part 1

September 2, 2017By

The music industry over the past 60 years has been at the helm of innovation and progression as genres of music have changed with the times. People have come and people have gone, reputations have risen and reputations have fallen, and money has been made and money has been lost. It is not only the […]

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