Are brands always happy being featured in Music Videos?

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With different brands spending so much of their money on different types of product placement within music videos the question must be why they are so attracted to this industry? Many brands now see music videos as a creditable alternative to traditional sources of advertising. This is especially true when the target audiences are the young. The brands know that young people spend so much of their time viewing videos on YouTube so using this alternative is clearly obvious. The clearest advantage of using product placement for the brands is that sales will increase as the videos will reach a huge target audience. There is no doubt that product placements in music videos has resulted in marked increases in a brand’s sales.

So the Experia does work in water

The other reason is that it will show off a product’s unique selling points. A good example was in the Avril Lavigne’s “Rock n Roll” video where she was seen taking her Sony Ericsson “Experia phone” out of a glass of water. The audience had been made aware that the phone was water proof. The reason why there is so much product placement in pop, RnB and rap is that these are the genres of music that the young will listen to. It is often claimed that certain artists will not use product placement as they have taken a moral stand against using this form of advertising.

The other side of the argument is that certain brands aren’t that keen to invest in certain music as it is not popular with their target audience. For the brands the beauty of advertising in music videos in the form of product placement as opposed to television is its longevity. Advertising on television is time sensitive whilst the beauty of music videos is that it will be there for evermore.

There are examples of brands falling out with their artists. In 2006 Frederick Rouzaud, the manager of the company that makes Cristal Champagne, stated the company couldn’t stop people from buying it. This was in response to being told that many people from the rapper world bought their product. Jay Z had used Cristil in many of his videos. He was not paid to do so but he did it to promote his “bling life style” that he was living. However, on hearing the statement from the manager he took it as being racist and dropped Cristil immediately.

Jay Z from Cristil to Ace of Spades

He turned his attention to Armand de Brignac by promoting them and buying shares in the company. In the video for “show me what you got” he is seen rejecting a bottle of Cristil for a bottle of Ace of Spades a product on Armand de Brignac.

Some brands merely accept that they are going to be involved in music videos and while not encouraging their participation in the video they just accept it. A good example would be Versace who has been a victim of unauthorized product placement in countless music videos. The only time they have been seen to encourage it was when Versace himself appeared in G.U.Y by Lady Gaga. The target audience for Versace may not be the young rap fans that the videos appeal to, but they are taking the attitude when is free publicity bad publicity?

Brands can clearly see the benefits of using product placement in music videos but sometimes the relationship isn’t quite as clear as it seems.

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