Most Featured Brands in Music and Music Videos

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It is expensive trying to market any brand. Companies and organisations spend thousands if not millions of dollars to get their brand and name out to their target audience. The target audience differs according to the industry and thanks to the analytical data that is available today, and companies can direct their product and services to specific groups of audience. Some brands are best suited for a very niche audience, and some are open to the whole public, and anyone and everyone become their target audience. Surprisingly, children are a huge audience, and while many people think that children cannot make a buying decision, they can undoubtedly influence the decision-maker to a high degree. Car brands often use mediums and areas where children are to market their brand. Children play a crucial role in selling a car to their parents, who in turn are willing to buy the brand of car for their kids’ social reputation and theirs. Car brands are also the biggest spenders when it comes to marketing and especially in movies and music videos.

Most Featured Brands in Music and Music Videos
Most Featured Brands in Music and Music Videos

The Top Brands in Movies and Music

Music artists use lyrics for marketing a brand and get paid for it. This is especially seen in rap music, where the words are related to what is trending in the market. For example, Quarvo mentions the brand Benz in Drake’s music video. The song peaked in the charts around the world. This meant that over a million people were listening to the song and thereby listening to the mention of the brand. Rolls Royce is another big trendy brand who use music video lyrics to get their brand across. No other big car company can compete with what the Rolls can pay for their brand marketing in music videos of hip hop artists.

The cool factor of the cars is highlighted through this music. Eleven artists around the world have featured the Royce in their music, making the brand the king of the cool-automobile to own. While most of the brands pay music artists for their brand promotion, some use even movies, which are just as effective depending on the scenario the brand is dropped. For example, the Ferrari featured in movies garners a massive increase in sales by the thousands. The Tokyo Drift movie features the top cars and the most powerful in the market, making it the desired one for custom car owners to envy and buy. 

Commercials are a traditional approach to selling a product. However, because of subscription services, ads are often removed from the audience’s perception. After the Rolls and Ferrari, Hennessy whiskey tops the charts in the most advertised brands in movies and music. Next, comes Porche, the Chevy, Lamborghini and finally the Bentley. Medicines are also at the top of the movie and movie brand promotions. The brand called Xanax ranks 12 in the overall spend in marketing in entertainment right after the Rolex watch. The Jordan shoes also feature in the top ten list and sit comfortably at a number 9 on the list.

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