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Music videos have been instrumental in launching the careers of their producers. Spike Jonze the award winning film director started his career producing music videos for the likes of the Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and Fat Boy Slim. In 2013 he won the Golden Globe for his work on the film “Her” plus receiving the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay for the same film. David Fincher in his early career worked with Madonna and Jermaine Stewart on their music videos. Since then he has worked on television and in films. In 2010 he the Golden Globe for Best Director for his work on The Social Network.

Jonus Akerlund the producer of “telephone”

Both of these producers worked before product placement featured so heavily in music videos. Avril Lavignes Rock n Roll video was heavily filled with product placement. The producer was Chris Mrars Pillero who has worked previously for other artists such as Britney Spears on her Criminal music video. One of the most controversial music videos for product placement was “telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce. This was produced by Jonus Akerlund who has had a stellar career producing music videos for the likes of Madonna, Matallica, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilerra.

The attitude of the producers is the same as the artists. The cost of production of the music videos so they have to get the revenue in somehow. Currently there are a number of young music video producers who are show casing their skills in music videos as an avenue to make their way into the film industry.

One such producer is the Japanese producer Hiro Murai who is based in Los Angeles. He has already worked with Childish Gambino, The Shins and The Queen of the Stone Age in which he has demonstrated compelling visual concepts with great illustrations. He has already directed low budget films but surely it is only a matter of time before Hiro’s efforts will become more and more concentrated on the film industry.

Hannah Lux-Davis working with Nicki Minaj

There is no one with a grander client list at the moment than Hannah Lux-Davis. Working for Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj among others she has produced videos demonstrating vibrant, conceptual mission statements for the artists.

Lux-Davis is still only 31 yet in 2013 she won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip Hop video and in 2014 she won the MTV Video Music Award for Artist to Watch. So far she has yet to venture into films but it will be interesting to see if she will use the world of music videos as a stepping stone to bigger and greater things.

Nowadays producers of music videos are paid 10% of the budget. Nowadays the budgets are less than 50,000 dollars and long are the days of the million dollar budget. The Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson music video Scream cost 7,000,000 dollars to make. The video produced by Mark Romanek would have netted him 700,000 dollars if he were paid at the same rate. Nowadays there is an overload of music videos entering the markets so the budgets have had to be streamlined. The producers may not be getting the financial rewards of previous generations but their talent is being showcased for the film industry to see.

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