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Product Placement in music videos is just part of companies’ marketing campaigns that they have each year for selling certain products. The amount of money that these companies commit to this endeavor is massive, so the value of being able to use product placement in videos is great. Once the product placement has been paid for, the company’s name will be associated with that video every time it is played.

The new Coke did not last long

There have been a number of campaigns over the years where the companies have invested huge sums of money and perhaps they have not received the benefits that they do today. For over 30 years, companies have been willing to part with large sums of money in the hope that their efforts will see their products raising to the top of the best-selling list. In 1985 Coca Cola was left reeling after it was discovered that sales of Pepsi Cola were higher than of Coke itself. In order to redress the balance, they created a marketing strategy to introduce New Coke and spent millions of dollars on it.

The reaction from the public was one of shock that someone was going to mess around with the original recipe. Seventy-seven days after the venture was started, the project was abandoned. The publicity did have the desired effect as Coke sales returned back to their normal high levels as the public realized how much they liked the original taste of the drink.

The battle between the two companies has been going on for a number of years and Pepsi Cola have also invested huge sums of money on their advertising campaigns. One of the most expensive times to advertise is during the interval breaks of the Super Bowl finals. In 2012 Pepsi Cola spent more than 7 million US dollars on an advert which showed Britney Spears travelling back through time drinking the product. It was played during the Super Bowl and the costs were so high due to the combination of hiring Britney and having the advertisement shown at this particular time.

Even cars were toppling over in the Guinness advert

Huge amounts of money are not just spent on soft drinks, with the alcohol producers also being willing to fork over large sums in order to see their sales rise. There has been few drinks whose global popularity has risen faster than Guinness since the start of the 21st century.

The company regularly uses a variety of advertising strategies to try and corner the market in some area of the world. In 2008 the company spent over 12 million US dollars on the “Tipping Point” campaign which was filmed in Argentina. No special effects were used in the advert which started with over 6000 dominoes toppling over. This process was continued with books, cars and even fridges used, until the image of a pint of Guinness was created.

This sequence of objects was also used in 2003 with the Honda Cog advert which promoted the Accord car. It took 606 attempts to re-shoot the film in order for all of the events to happen successfully. The two million film cost 5 million US dollars, but no one seems to know what the coast would have been if they had got it right first time. There seems to be no limit to what companies are willing to pay to advertise their products

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