The role of pop music played on adverts

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Before product placement was used to promote goods in music videos there had always been a strong relationship between music and advertising. Popular products or services would take out adverts for their offerings and this would be accompanied by famous songs. Coca Cola has spent millions of pounds over the years in its attempts to stay ahead of rivals, such as Pepsi Cola. There have been many adverts that have been accompanied by famous records, as in the 1980s, when an advert for coca cola was accompanied by Robin Becks “First Time” which was first used in 1988.

Mark Ronson and Katy B shooting their Coca Cola advert

Even today Coca Cola makes the most of modern music to advertise its products. At the 2012 London Olympics the company hired Mark Ronson and Katy B to produce the song that advertised the drink and used Olympic hopefuls in training. The 2018 FIFA World Cup football tournament in Russia has seen coca cola use the AC/DC sound track “Are You Ready” on their most current advert that is based around the story that the competition is only played every four years.

Big rock ballads are always popular in commercials. In 2002 Nintendo and Sega used “The Final Countdown” by Europe to promote their game “Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog”. The promotion was made alongside the Olympic Games that were being organized that year in Beijing.

In fact, the same song by Europe is the second most popular song to be used in advertising. As well as being chosen by Mario and Sonic, the song has also been used by Tesco, Stride Gum and O2 priority. However, it was not as popular as Bonny Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of The Heart” which appeared in Innocent Drinks, Toyota and Cadbury adverts.

The Blue Card was accompanied by the soundtrack “Blue Monday”

Sometimes the mood of the record will be used for special occasions. In 2008 Hallmark Cards wanted to promote their valentine cards. In order to do this, they used one of the biggest rock ballads of all time, REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” which played when the card was opened. Often advertisers will try and find a link between the product and the music. In 1998 American Express released its new credit card, the Blue Card. In the advert to promote it, the song track “Blue Monday” by New Order was used.

There was a similar relationship between the Beechams Flu Remedies advert that was released in 20014. It was accompanied by the song “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. The suggestion is that by taking the flu remedy, people will not have to go to bed to recover. The bands and artists are able to make some decent money by having their music played in adverts as they receive royalty payments. The band that has received more payments than any other is Queen. They have produced many different tracks that proved to be appealing to companies and have benefitted from them using their music.

All types of music are used today, but there is little doubt that the big rock anthems of the 1970s and 1980s are as popular as they have ever been. Companies are still keen to use them to advertise their products.

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