Why Music Videos are Still so Important

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Ever since MTV pulled out of the music video genre, people have been doubting the validity of the music video as both a vehicle to drive music sales and as a quality way of advertising songs. It is true that lavish amounts of money are rarely spent on music videos these days, and the quality of many music videos is to say the least rather home-made.

Having said all this, music videos are still important as a form of visual language and have become a part of our entertainment culture. YouTube has rapidly fought its way to be the second largest search engine in the world, so finding new music videos is simple. The biggest problem is that many videos are poorly made and under-produced and are released into an over saturated market. It is easy to make a music video and put it online, but that does not make it good.

Think Big

As an artist trying to get your music in front of the widest market possible the simple MP3 file is perhaps not the best way. The artist still needs an edge to separate themselves from the multitude of dross out there. And a well made music video is still the king, an example of this being FKA Twigs, where the two musicians have made their visual impact just as important as the music itself. 

It is worth remembering that music videos are still a focal point to draw attention to the artist and the song, far more so than a simple MP3 file that has been downloaded. Even if the world has turned digital, for many music fans out there they want more, to see the artists and the dance routines, the fashion and the bling.

Simon Cahn was quoted as saying that the music track is like a burger, and the music video if the full meal deal with all the trimmings.

Video v Art

There are some who consider that music videos are more important than the artwork associated with the music, and this is due to the way the public now consumes their music. Do you remember the artwork of the last track you heard? Probably not, but people certainly remember the video of the track, and associate the music to the visuals.

Music videos are an important part of pop culture today as they always have been, and they form all manner of fashions. From dance trends, to fashion, who can forget Gangnam Style, which has now become a style of music and dance.

Bad Videos

But just as a good music video can explode into the world, a bad one can ruin a good song. A cheaply made video can suck the very life of a great tune and make the artists cry over a lost opportunity. Music videos are unlike any other form of medium, they have more impact than short films, or stills for that matter. They command more attention from the listener and make the song stay in the memory far longer.

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